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Dean Wingrove

Wimbledon Park Golf club PGA Golf Professional

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Pros news  

Let us make shopping easy for you. Anything for your golfing needs are here. Dean Jeeves, Tom and I are here. Pop in and ask, from getting a club fitting to repairing your trolley. We will try our very best to beat prices and get your equipment to you as quick as we can. Club repairs, we can get your clubs from your locker if you are comfortable with that, grip them or repair them and have them back in your locker before you play again. Same with your golf shoes. Believe me, I've been out shopping at times and it can be a nightmare.

You know when you see those films when a solders stand outside a door and throws in a hand grenade then waits for the explosion. Well that it is like me standing outside a clothes shop with the Mrs. I'm standing there mentally drifting away when all off a sudden, Bang the Mrs marches straight past me at a furious pace with a face like thunder "this shop is rubbish, all their sizes are wrong!" "Of course they are my lovely" comes from her supportive husband. I'm lucky enough to work weekends and to be fair to Suzie she very rarely asked me to come with her. She knows I don't want to go and I know that she knows that I don't want to go. On the odd occasion when I have gone with her, "I'll drive" she tells me.

So it starts, I feel that I'm now auditioning for the Italian job. God forbid the poor person in front has a hat on or driving a BMW, they'd fall straight into the idiot driver category. Even though she drives a mini made by BMW! So quick march to the shops. I'm wondering what the rush is. Now, I know whatever I look at, apparently I don't need, so that's that, nice. "What do you think of this?" As she holds up yet another handbag. Now ladies, a little help from us boys, we really don't care, just have it, even though you have another 10 or so back home and half of them are hidden away, we all know this and don't care and please don't think by hanging it on your shoulder and smiling at us will make a difference.

I love the secret cupboard, this is where all the clothes live, the ones that I have seen before, I haven't, all the cloths I bought with her, I didn't. "Oh, I've had this ages," you haven't. I was standing by a lady who was talking to one of the shop assistants and she actually said "I'm a size 10 but I find a 14 fits me better," classic!


Poopy is a really kind puppy. She never wants me to be late for work so she sings to me from down stairs, the only problem is that I don't go to work at 03.45. She always takes my golf clothes downstairs for me. 

I think she wants to be a golfer because each morning, I think she is trying on my socks, trousers and the odd sweater. I know I'm putting on a bit of weight but I found a bra in the pile, that's rude I thought.


US Masters

This year's U.S Masters sweepstake in now up and running. The cost is £2 per player.

Come and see us and try and pick the Masters champion. 

Competition results 

Captain & Pro Challenge

The Captain & Pro challenge series got underway last Sunday. David and I took on John Manning and Max Wilkins, we had a wonderful time. 

David thought it would be a great idea to have team uniforms which I completely agreed with. Unlike my ex, Andy Murray! I begged Andy to do this as it would have bought us closer together. He said NO. So it was quite emotional when Captain David said "let's wear team uniforms" as you can see.


Hahn Bowl

Here's Andy Murray driving off on our first major of the year The Hahn Bowl qualifying. Congratulations to Bob Turner and David Boyle who lead the qualifiers.

Shop news 

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