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Dean Wingrove

Wimbledon Park Golf club PGA Golf Professional

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Pros news 

Food for Thought

Last June, July time the mother in law said I would like to take you all away for Christmas, lovely. Just find a place and book it. I kept quiet knowing that if someone else is paying for it, best say nothing and let others jump in. With the beauty of youth and knowing he can do no wrong Harry her favoured grandson says, "Granny lets go somewhere posh and warm, say the Caribbean." Get in there my son I thought! So that was it Antigua here we come.

So we left a foggy, damp, grey Gatwick and headed for the 'Blue waters hotel' we were flying British Airways so I'm confident that we will have a great flight, wrong! Having had my back kindly massaged by Rupert the loud 8 year old who was so clever according to his mother because after his 17th attempt of, "Kumbaya my lord" he got it nearly right, mind you counting from 1 to 100 was a bit of a problem but we all got there in the end. One of the reasons he struggled to get to a hundred was his younger brother, yes his younger brother kept putting him off by singing/shouting, "busy having a wonderful Christmas time" when he reached about 72 so the mother would jump in and tell Rupert to start again. This went on for about 3 hours. With one kick too many I started to turn around to give the mother some kind advice, Suzie said, "please Dean, just leave it." "Ok" I said but with that some elderly kind lady sprang to rescue of all around, "can you please shut those kids up" fantastic I thought, good on the old bird, complete silence followed.

I can never understand why parents think its ok for their kids to invade everyone else's space. Then they give this, aren't they lovely smile. No they are not lovely at all they are a complete and utter nightmare.

We arrive at the lovely hotel and having done the customary change of rooms, we settled in. A couple of Bacardi's before dinner is always welcome then a swift attack on the buffet. It's amazing a few days with the sun beating down my nails were growing at an alarming pace only matched by my waist line! You see my weight goes up and down like a bride's nighty, it's always been a problem, I can't understand it, and so each morning I have a faceoff with the breakfast buffet, right Wingrove discipline, discipline!

I always start the day with 4 Buck's Fizz. I'm going easy, two slices of thickly buttered white bread, 4 slices of crispy bacon, tease the plate with some beans, the mushrooms look great, have some of them, scrambled eggs please chef, topped off with only 3 thick slices of smoked Salmon, don't want to go mad. Cup of coffee, one sugar.

Now I have a problem, the happy police namely Mrs. Wingrove is now keeping an eye on me, "why are you having another Bucks Fizz?" "Because I want one my little piranha fish" "you don't do this at home" I know my little Rottweiler, I don't go to work in my swimming shorts either, I'm on holiday, love of my life."

Now the only way I'm going to get away with this is to disregard the champagne flute and exchange it with an ordinary glass so she thinks it's just orange juice, "would you like some more juice my lovely?" "Yes please" great that's another glass of bucks fizz!

Only 3 hours to chicken wings, chips followed by half a pint of ice cream. The odd Pina colada in between meals is always good. Playing hide and seek from the Mrs. was a daily pass time, how else was I going to enjoy a crafty Bacardi and Coke and a bowl of nuts without the, "Do you really need that!"

Always nice to drees up for dinner although I'm running out of shirts that don't make me look like Phil the Power Taylor. I always insist on forgoing the little chocolate squares that come with the coffee, I am an athlete after all. With a new day comes a new start of 'I will show more self-control.' Walking to the beach is a wonderful form of exercise and will help me to my 10,000 steps a day, the only problem is that the beach is 27 steps from the hotel, but that's ok because I only need to make the distance 370 times a day.

I was wondering why I was starting to have some dizzy spells, can't be the drink, can't be the jet lag, could it be I'm getting too much sun, then I finally realized breathing out made me feel a little better! Never worked out a way of walking out of the ocean like Daniel Craig instead I'm trying not to look like Ed Balls. Can't work out why I am looking so red, I'm a quarter Italian so we are used to the sun! So no cream for me thank you, the Caribbean sun just bounces off me! "Darling can you please get into the shade you are looking a little red says my caring wife." Later that evening you would have thought the elephant man had walked into their restaurant with the stares I was getting from the staff, "got some sun today Mr. Wingrove?" Alright, alright, thank you! I must admit I did have the colour of a swan Vesta.

So back down to the beach the next day, have my book, headphones, iPad, glasses, bed sorted, angle perfect, view perfect, extra towel for a head rest, sneaky packet of wine gums I'm hiding from everyone. "Come in the sea Dean" is the request from Harry. The last thing I want to do is get in to the sea. I am sorted with everything but I get the, "O love isn't it lovely that Harry wants to play with you" No its not, I'm sorted and now I have to get up and Ed Balls it into the sea and only the men will know when the water is a little cold at the start there is a moment of pure shock that I am not going in to.

So there we are throwing the ball in the sea and after about half an hour I look down at the third finger on my left hand to see a small white line where my wedding ring used to be! Now 3 things went through my mind 1, the Mrs is going to be really upset, she wasn't, 2, this is going to cost some, but finally and most importantly "I have not put on the weight I thought I had!"

Club news 

Christmas Draw

Congratulations go to the following on winning our Christmas draw, goody bag. The draw was made by Andy Murray.

Lindy Evans, Roger Bannister, Alan Smith, Andy Neil, Alan Smith, Caroline Fairnie, Kevin Bishop, Colin Pinnell, Matthew Correal and Mike Hemmings

Shot of the Week

Michael Newman, plays his second shot at the very difficult 1st hole. With no wind to speak of and the ball sitting up on a tee peg, it was a challenge too much. 

None of us could understand it said his playing partners Guy, Tom and Roger Bannister, his warm up was a cup of coffee, Nurofen and he bought some hand warmers, he couldn't do any more.

Shop news 


Thought that my waterproofs were looking a little tired, more like exhausted! Have a quick think , the chances are you bought your last set when "Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree" was number one ! Why not come in a see us. Waterproofs have come a long way in the last few years, they are incredibly light, breathable, you don't sweat in them anymore and they will keep you warm and dry without you thinking you are wearing a straitjacket and the added bonus is that you won't look like a damp Catweazle!


If you purchase a waterproof suit not only will you get a great suit at a great price I will even re-spike your shoes FREE of charge.

Epic Range

We had a visit from Steve McDonald our Callaway representative and he gave us the run down on the brand new Epic driver and fairway woods. Some of our members have taken them out already with some members gaining 20 yards. Come and have a look. We will make up a club for you to take out and if you like it, beat the world on price!


The idea of having good grips on your clubs is because you don't have to worry about gripping your clubs. The chances are your grips have turned hard and shiny through wear and tear, the cold winter doesn't help. Without realising it you might be gripping the club too hard to hang on to the club. This in turn will slow the hand speed down.

So this is what we suggest. Give the shop a call or email us. If you are comfortable we can get your clubs out of your locker, clean the heads, re-grip them and have them back in your locker in time for your next game. If you have more than 7 clubs re-gripped we will re-spike your shoes FREE of charge.

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