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Dean Wingrove

Wimbledon Park Golf club PGA Golf Professional

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Pros news 

Isn't it funny how stress can sometimes show itself? I can remember having a nightmare before a Pro-Am a few years ago. In my dream, I woke up on the morning of the event, looked out of my bedroom window only to see 2 foot of snow! The Pro-Am was in May! I then went running out on the street completely naked, shouting up to the window at my wife, "It's the Pro-Am, the Pro-Am this is a disaster." I came running back into the house ran up the stairs into the bathroom to have a quick shower only to see bare brick, no shower, no sink, no radiator, no toilet just bare brick, the walls were not even plastered!

I can remember talking to some other golf professionals in the past and we have all had the same dreams. The ball in the bottom of the sink in the plug hole is one! You stand there holding the club by the head and try and hit it out but of course you have no chance.

I can remember one dream I had, I was playing with Freddie Couples we were on the first tee, he ripped it straight down the middle, thousands of people were watching, "on the tee Dean Wingrove was the announcement." The tee markers were two big white golf balls about the size of a small football. I tee my ball up, I'm now confused as to which one to hit, my ball or the bigger one, my mind is now going a thousand miles per hour. What if I hit the wrong one and break my wrist, I bend down to tee up away from the markers only to find that there is a small cupboard so close that I can only take the club back about a foot, by this time the crowd are getting restless, some are laughing. Freddie is half way down the fairway waiting for me to hit.

So it seems to me if something is a big deal to you it can overload your Brain. So the answer must be don't let the big deal in your Brain be a big deal at all. When a golf club is in your hand you must try and free yourself of any negative thoughts. 

You stand on the 1st tee, the only warm up you have done is a quick flick through the Daily Mail and a cup of coffee. Nightmare! You rush to the tee when you should have been there 5 minutes ago, put your hand in the bag nearly rip a fingernail off from some old tees, fingering around for a ball, find some old battered ball you found last year, that I'll do, don't want to lose a brand new one, quick walk to the tee, not a practice swing in sight, back is as tight has a drum. Bottom of your favourite golfing slacks are caked in mud from the bad winter of 87. Shoes have seen better days, you can't see any grooves on the iron you are taking for safety. If you could just slow your swing down to a blur you might have a chance of not soaking yourself in incompetence. So stop worrying about the tee shot at the 12th or indeed the first.

What are you worried about, because the thing I learnt at a very early start in my career, no one cares, no one. So this is what you do, smarten yourselves up, tidy office and all that. Get to the club early, hit balls in the nets for 20 minutes, you never know you might find something that feels good. One of the greatest golfers of all time Ben Hogan said to a young player who was just starting out on tour "The answer to great golf is in the dirt, go and practice and find it." 10 minutes on the putting green. Slow golf swing, fast hands and a balanced held follow-through position from the 1st tee will serve you well.

Fitting news 

Hyun-Ji Kim, her family and I made our way to the Callaway fitting centre. I am pleased to report that the fitter Matt, said he has never seen anything like it before, so much club head speed for someone of her size but what was more impressive was how straight Hyun- Ji was hitting it.

I was there two days before with Vic Searle and Matt said that he has never seen anyone before with his size with no club head speed!!!!

The fitting centre is a fantastic way to get fitted and it's for everyone. Please let me know if you would like to go there.

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