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Dean Wingrove

Wimbledon Park Golf club PGA Golf Professional

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Pros news 

Now that's entertainment 

I didn't realise that paying £150 for a pair of trainer's is a bargain, and whatever you do please don't confirm your age by suggesting that you pay any less and your little prince would still be accepted by his mates. Ripped jeans that are sprayed on are the way forward, and if you are lucky enough to walk the streets of New York City for hours on end with your young ones, you might find a grotty little shop that will sell you a vest with "Palace" or "Supreme" written on it for $180.00 or a baseball cap for $90.00 made by the same companies, and then you must wear it back to front, so it could be any old hat..

Fighting wars and winning football matches from their bedrooms is thirsty work, that's why the lovely freshly squeezed orange juice I love from Marks lasts just the one sitting, all gone. The packet of wine gums I bought for later, gone? "O let him have what he wants Dean, he's a growing boy" says his devoted mother, "thank you Mummy" he says with a sly smile in my direction, now that really winds me up. Funny he is not old enough to help me with the garden or putting the dishes away or make the 8 minute trek from Raynes Park station to home. Never wants to trouble the washing basket. I swear he must be drinking my most expensive aftershave because it's nearly gone.

The best currency in the world from a son is a hug for his mummy with a side order of telling her he loves her, that's a PlayStation or the must have Ralph Lauren sweater sorted. 

I was taking some of my sweaters to the charity shop and I asked my Harry "do you want any of these sweaters"?, he is of a size now that they might just fit him. "Do they have any holes in them"? 

No, of course they don't was my reply, "No you're ok" said grand master trend. 

Home and school work is not that important apparently, but he has a PHD in keeping up with the Kardashians and Kanye West.

I watch the young walking around with £600 worth of phone nearly falling out of their back pockets. It only seemed like yesterday people were asking my Mum and Dad, "are you on the phone"? that was not fearing to interrupt my parents that was a genuine question, do you have a phone in your house yet?

I spent the first few years of my life in Battersea, 115 Beaufoy Road. There was my mum, Joan, my dad, Eric, my younger sister by 5 years, Tina, and my older brother by 5 years, Paul, who I used to call dibble because he was like officer dibble from the cartoon series Top Cat, down to the fact that he was completely useless. Once he blew all of his savings and put himself into heavy debt on a trip to Hawaii, he went on his own. One afternoon I came back from school and the flat was like a Furness, dibble had put the central heating up full throttle, it really was like a sauna, I walked into the living room and there he was, lying on the settee with all the lights on wearing lime green and blue Bermuda shorts, a white vest with I love Hawaii written on it, drinking half a pint of Malibu and pineapple, watching Mutiny on the Bounty. He looked ridiculous. Anyway back to Beaufoy Road, this was a really old house with an outside loo, winter time was not much fun, watching the daddy longlegs running up and downs the walls.

Every Friday, dibble and I would have to have a bath, mum would fill the old tin bath with boiling water from the kettle and we would both get in, this was upstairs in the kitchen. It was always a nightmare because that's when Aunts, my Nan or mums friends would turn up for a cup of tea and there we both were sitting in our bath in the middle of the kitchen surrounded by all these women, the water would get cold but there was no way we were going to get out with all that lot standing there. When we were done mum would get a bucket and empty the bath water in the sink. We would get dressed then dibble would go downstairs, open the front door, come running back upstairs, we would both push the bath to the very edge of the top of the stairs, dibble would get in the front we would slowly shove the bath forward. The front half of the bath would be hanging in the air for a few seconds and he would shout "ready"? It didn't matter if I was ready or not we were going. A 5 and 10 year old screaming, flying down the stairs. Sometimes if dibble mistimed getting to the back of the bath to flatten the landing, the front of the bath would smash into the floor, flipping the bath and us completely over, so all you would hear were 2 kids screaming with laughter echoing from the upside-down bath.

Now that's entertainment. Battersea 1967

Shop news 

It's coming and it's coming fast... 

As you can see from the picture, here in the pro shop we are getting into the festive spirit. We have a great range of products in store that could make perfect gifts for your loved ones. If we don't have what you're after then drop in and ask and we can try and get hold of it, or click here to visit my online retail site where you can shop from thousands of products and have them delivered to us here in the pro shop to collect at your convenience.

Remember anything you need is just one phone call away.


If they can make us like golfers, just think what they can do for you...

Your rag tag band of pro shop staff have spent the week trying out the new ProQuip winter clothing ranges, and it's fair to say we love them! Whether you're looking for a body warming Gilet, or a full on waterproof jacket, we have the perfect clothing for you.

Click here or drop into the pro shop to find out more.

Product spotlight 

I received an article from Callaway this week about the success of their latest hardware ranges, and thought it an ideal opportunity to enlighten you about the benefits of using Callaway clubs:

"After Alex Noren's phenomenal 4th win of the season in South Africa, the Race to Dubai is hotting up with #TeamCallaway staff ambassadors ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the pursuit of the season ending prize. For those of you who watch the Tour on a regular basis then it should be no surprise to see Callaway players at the top of the rankings after the season the brand has had. This years' ranges have been responsible for delivering some incredible stats, including:

  • 17 out of 38 Driver wins on the 2016 European Tour (that's more than the 2nd, 3rd & 4th placed brands combined).
  • #1 Brand for European Tour wins for Fairway Woods, Irons, Hybrids, Utility Irons & Wedges
  • An incredible 22 out of 38 wins on the European Tour for Odyssey Putters (i.e. six more wins than EVERY other putter brand combined)

All in all it's looking like a great end to a great season but, just like Alex Noren who was seen practicing on the range in Dubai just 16 hours after winning at Sun City, we are taking nothing for granted and are working harder than ever to produce the best products in the industry.

Glenmuir box sets

The perfect Christmas gift
If you’re after some extra warmth this winter then look no further than Glenmuir’s fantastic box sets. We have cashmere zip-neck sweater sets, packs of socks as well as woolly hat and neck warmer gift boxes too – ideal for this time of year.

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Is your Motocaddy missing something?
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"Custom fit golf clubs make a massive difference in terms of really improving distance and ball flight. I think amateurs see more difference than the pros."

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