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Dean Wingrove

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Hello golfers,

Whilst the temperatures have dropped noticably in the morning and evening here at Wimbledon Park, it does give the course a great chance to show off how stunning it is...

This picture was taken early in the morning at the start of the week...

Captain pro challenge 

This is your last chance to take the captain and I on in this year's Captain & Professional Challenge. We have just 3 more dates for you teeing off at 8:03am:

Friday, 14 October
Sunday, 16 October
Friday, 21 October

Give us a call in the pro shop, or click here to get in touch if you would like to take us on.

Competition news 

Heatley is red hot and takes the McGill 

Congratulations to Lance Heatley who takes the last major of the year with a fantastic nett 64. Well done Lance, great golfing, see you at the Captains dinner.

Fantastic news - WPGC ladies win the Kingswood Salver

Congratulations to the ladies team consisting of; Rosie Watson, Nicky Winter, Sally Aitkens- Davis, Elise Gordon, Annie Balcerkiewicz and our Lady Captain Brenda Adamson

Great playing ladies, always good to win away from home.

Well done to Maria Diegan who beat Jill Fitzgerald in an all-Ireland final of the Butler Thomson silver division.

Well done to Carolyn Laville who wins the Butler Thomson bronze division 

Welch Goblets - Hayley Barlow 
Erdina kettle - Emma Baker 
Beatty Glen - Patti Crone & Sarah Leeson 
Harker trophy - Liz Doods 
Marson Cup - Helen Hughes 

Congratulations to everyone who took part this year.

Shop news 

I would like to thank everyone who took part in our Ryder Cup themed Raffle 

The Raffle was won by:

 1st - Kevin Bishop 
2nd - Tag Jones 
3rd - Debbie Dixon 
4th - Charlie Fish 
5th - Tom Donohue

You're going to hate me but...

Yes it's that time of the year when the Christmas buzz starts to pick up, so here's our first Christmas gift ideas for those more organised among you.

Drop into the pro shop soon and check them out for yourself.

Make sure you have a chat with the pro shop if you need help picking the perfect item.

Pros news 

I wanna be like Tom...

Who would have thought that a 59 year old man would have a 10 foot putt to win the biggest prize in golf, the Open Championship. They say you never remember the player that comes second; well I will have to disagree with that one. I can remember as if it were yesterday running back from practicing in the local park to see Tom Watson take on the great Jack Nicklaus at Turnberry. The year was 1977. Tom won that year and it's hard to believe that the same man in 2009 had a putt to do it again. I have to be honest I did shed a tear that day, not only for Tom Watson but also everything he stood for; honesty, dignity, integrity, respect for all who came in contact with him.

I can recall making my way to Walton Heath Golf Club in the pouring rain. The year was 1981, it was the Ryder Cup. Europe was to face the might of the strongest team ever to be assembled by the Americans. Trevino, Kite, Rogers, Nelson, Crenshaw, Lietzke, Pate, Irwin, Miller, Floyd, Nicklaus and Tom Watson. On this day Nick Faldo and Peter Oosterhuis were playing Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson. I ran non-stop across the front nine to get a view of my golfing heroes, not bothered that my sky blue Farah slacks and power trainers were now covered in mud! Once I was by one of the tees I could peer through the crowd and get a glimpse of these History making sporting giants.

Tom Watson was up first. Tom Watson, born in Kansas City, studied at Stanford University, a strong looking man with a friendly demeanour. Everything was done at a brisk pace, the walk, the waggle, the swing, the bunker shots, the putts, but when he talked and you looked into his eyes you felt you were in the presence of someone in complete control. There was a calmness about him but there was also fire in his eyes.

This was a player who had a reputation in the early years as someone who choked under the pressures of big time professional golf; he had a few chances to win but couldn't do it. Then he found his feet. 5 Open Championships, 2 Masters, 1 US Open, 5 times winner of the US money list and 66 Professional wins, and here I am standing within 20 feet of this golfing genius. I can remember thinking this man has arms like tree trunks.

He had a practice swing and I thought he would knock everyone's hat off with the swish of his driver. Then came the shot itself, a couple of quick little wiggles and then a massive shoulder turn, left heel of the ground, full back swing just past parallel then a massive drive from the hips and legs as the club smashes into the back of the ball and from there into a wonderful, balanced follow through position. The noise that wooden head made onto the ball was incredible. It was like a gun going off or a crack of a whip all rolled into one. It was a sound I had never heard before because the only golfers I played with was my dad who played off 28, and not a good 28 at that, and his best mate Jim, who's only claim to golfing fame was he holed a 15 footer once. Mind you he did say it was lucky because it bounced off the windmill…

Tom's ball shot straight down the middle of the fairway into the mist, climbing, climbing and when you thought it might come down it would climb again, it hung in the air forever. To this day I can still see that ball going for what I thought was forever. The English crowd politely clapped, I was going mad and I was thinking are they not seeing the same drive as me… I waited for the crowd to move on and I crawled across the tee on my knees for Tom's broken tee. So now the knees are covered in mud but I didn't care (Mum did though).

Faldo and Oosterhuis went down that day 4&3. The Americans were far too strong for the Europeans and inflicted the biggest defeat ever, 18 and a half to 9 and a half which still stands to this day. I watched Tom Watson like a hawk that day. He always said good shot to all of his playing partners. He always acknowledged the crowd, never smashed his club into the ground and had a big smile for all. When he shook hands after and said thank you, bad luck or well done he meant it. I wanted to be like Tom and I wanted Tom Watson to win the Open that year so that young people would get to know this fine gentleman and in turn want to be like him.

So I do remember who came second. As for the other majors I bet you would be hard pushed to work out who won them. I have to say my efforts to be like Tom came to an abrupt end after I bought some tight, black watch tartan trousers, check cap and a lime green shirt. I was doing paper rounds, delivering car hire business cards to save up enough cash to buy my clubs from Woolworths, and of course my Tom Watson lookalike clothing. I would make my way over to the local park (York Gardens) where Jack Nicklaus would be waiting for me.

I had the Tom Watson walk. I was waving to the imaginary crowd. I can remember people looking out of their windows thinking who on earth is this idiot with the long hair down to his shoulders, check cap and tartan trouser. Now I cannot write exactly the words of encouragement they were shouting at me, I would smile back at them saying thank you, thank you very much, thank you, lift my cap, which used to wind them up even more. I didn't care what they thought, I was on my way to beat Jack Nicklaus in a sudden death playoff for the Open Championship.

What you have to remember is, this was Battersea in the late 70s. Battersea then is not the Battersea it is now. Boarded up windows, high-rise, council blocks, and cars on bricks. Lots of derelict areas that used to be called "dumps", always small fires here and there with old people throwing buckets of bleached water out of their front doors. The only game kids of my age were playing was whatever you do don't get caught by the police. I just wanted to play golf, and if I was good enough I might just be able to make it my living. So I make my way through the park gates. I am now just nodding my head up and down. In my head I am thanking everyone. I lift up my right arm to acknowledge the crowd. Now this was the time when I'm going to put my new Tom Watson swing to the test.

I have always swung the club on the flat side and a little bit short with a smooth slow swing, so this was going to be completely different for me. On the right-hand side of the park was a long block of flats, big windows… I stood there with my three Iron, a couple of waggles, the club goes back at a blinding pace with the biggest shoulder turn I could make. My left heal is now flying off the ground, I can now see the shaft out of the corner of my eye, this was a massive back swing of epic proportion. I start my downswing with a monumental hip and bended knee drive, I am now really throwing myself at it, my face is now looking as if I have been punched by an angered Mike Tyson, the veins in my neck are now popping, and this ball is going so far, so straight, so high. All I can say is that the toe of my Woolworth three iron made some sort of a glancing blow. Just clipping the left-hand side of my old Dunlop 65 golf ball, as the club dragged me through, I start to open my eyes to see the ball heading towards Pennythorn House.

I thought about it, picked up my club and run like the wind home. I got through the door and made my way to the living room where Dad was sitting in his usual chair like a king on the throne reading his paper. The paper dropped a few inches, he looked over the top of it and said you alright son? Not bad dad thanks. I am standing there white as a sheet, sweating. About a week later my father handed me back my Dunlop 65. The window I smashed belong to a man that worked with my dad in the same factory. There you go son my dad said with a smile, I bet that was the one Jack hit.

Coaching news 

Putting and short game clinics for October

Many members have enjoyed my short game clinics here at Wimbledon Park. Here are some more dates for you. 

These are allocated on a first come first served basis, limited to just 6 players @ £10.00 per head. 

If you would like to book a session or sessions please click here to get in touch, call 0208 946 4053 or please pop into the shop. 

Putting clinic, Putting Green 
Saturday, 15 October - from 10.00 to 11.00 

Short Game Clinic (short game area) 
Saturday, 22 October - from 09.00 to 10.00 
Saturday, 22 October - from 10.30 to 11.30 
Wednesday, 26 October - from 10.00 to 11.00 
Saturday, 29 October - from 10.00 to 11.00 

So if it needed confirming, it's not about hitting it 330 off the tee, it's what you do on and around the greens that count...

Book your slot now.

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I hope you have enjoyed this weeks update.
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